About Me

I believe in dreaming big and working hard: bright eyes, brave hearts and a touch of perfectionism drive the world.

As somebody who at the age of 19 launched and headed an educational non-profit organisation which now gathers over 100 students, I'm convinced that limits exist only in our heads. We, humans, are invincible. Over the last two years, I have been travelling the world (I've lived in 4 countries) and passionately advocating for causes close to my heart as part of global non-profit organisations. Things change with the speed of the light, but my passion for writing has stood the test of time. 

Writing has been my passion since early childhood. I published my first article in a local newspaper at the age of 13. Words are powerful. Words are impactful. One of my articles was shared over 16000 times and was translated into 10 languages. The scope of my interests ranges from international trade to stoicism and the study of emotional intelligence. I think that everything in the world is interconnected and enjoy building connections between seemingly incompatible issue areas. Let's prove those who don't believe we can wrong!

Sharing economy in the post-COVID world: what’s new?

In May, the Consumer Choice Center published the first-of-its-kind Sharing Economy Index, ranking the best and worst cities in the world for regulations on sharing economy services. The top 10 cities according to the index are Tallinn, Vilnius, Riga, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Warsaw, Kyiv, São Paulo, Tbilisi, and Helsinki. On the other hand, the cities of Prague, Dublin, Amsterdam, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Sofia, Tokyo, The Hague, Luxembourg City, and Athens found themselves at the very bottom of th

Dangerous quotas: Limiting fertilizer imports might kill competition, benefit oligarchs | - Ukraine's Global Voice

According to Maria Chaplia, a European affairs associate at the Consumer Choice Center, the EU’s largest fertilizer companies asked Ukraine to abandon the plans to change the quota policy. Attempts to change the quotas were “an indisputable sign that strong lobbying interests are interfering in the formation of the country’s trade policy,” said Chaplia.

A liberal solution to Britain's obesity crisis

Once an ardent opponent of sin taxes, Boris Johnson has now experienced a mighty change of heart. We don’t yet know what his new strategy will look like but one thing is clear: more nannying won’t solve Britain’s obesity problem. In April 2018, as part of the government’s childhood obesity strategy, the UK government introduced a sugar tax to reduce sugar consumption. A year later, it was announced that plain packaging of crisps, sweets and fizzy drinks was also on the agenda. In light of the

Why Brands Matter Now More Than Ever

It’s been almost three months since most of the world went on complete or partial lockdown. The economic consequences of the pandemic have been devastating, with millions of people losing jobs, individuals losing livelihoods, and businesses going bankrupt. The good news is that the digitalisation of our societies, and in particular e-commerce has mitigated the damage. We might be going through a plague of epic proportions, but at least we have virtual brands.

Москва заняла 4–е место в мире по доступности шеринговых сервисов. Что об этом думают российские предприниматели

Американский исследовательский центр Consumer Choice Center в конце мая опубликовал отчет Sharing Economy Index, в котором ранжировал 52 «наиболее динамичных города мира» по доступности в них шеринговых сервисов. 4-е и 5-е места в нем заняли Москва и Санкт-Петербург. В первую тройку вошли Таллин, Вильнюс и Рига, а в хвосте рейтинга оказались, например, Амстердам, Прага и Токио.

Illiberal regimes are exploiting the pandemic to attack the foundations of democracy

Illiberal regimes are exploiting the pandemic to attack the foundations of democracy It took us 75 years to rebuild freedom in some parts of Europe after the totalitarian horrors of World War Two, and less than three weeks to bring it to its knees again. With Coronavirus looming in the background, worrying erosions of the freedom of speech and media are being rushed through Europe.
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